Daddy Freeze Consoles Broken Tboss As He Tells His Own Story

Very sad the length many fans go with the kind of words and comment they dish out to their celebrities. It’s just a day since BBNaija reality TV star and mother of one video started trending. The event which happened on Sunday saw the reality star so broken and full of tears as she speaks about the ill comment certain individuals have made concerning her daughter.

Recall that Tboss since the birth of her girl child have shielded her away from the public, and just recently, precisely on valentines day, the proud mother decided to reveal her daughters face to the public after so many trolls from her fans asking her to reveal her daughter’s face or stop putting up half covered pictures of the little child.

However, the reality Tv star was bitterly hurt when some persons had walked in, her comment section upon the unveiling of the face of her daughter to say her child was ugly and un-special, as painful as it is, Tboss had to do a live video to address those fans who had bad mouthed her child but ended up emotionally soaked and weeping profusely. Apparently, many other celebrities go through same issue.

Nevertheless, popular On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze had tolled the root of other celebrities who have  reached out as he dishes out his words to the emotionally traumatized single mom to encourage and console her as he also shares his own story as to how he used to feel when people makes such derogatory comments about him and how he have been able to fight it out, saying he no longer pays attention to that, just as he would want her to do while beckoning on her to stay strong. Re-posting the video from an Instagram blog, he wrote;

You really need to stop listening to the trolls, your baby is gorgeous.
I used to be bothered by what people said about me online, that was 5 or 6 years ago. Today with a task as Herculean as mine, combined with knowing how stupid most of the dingbats online are, I expect the retorts and the backlash.
But many of those who come online to say shit about me, live in little holes filled with sorrow and hate. They try to transfer their suffering to me; I never accept this and neither should you!
Some come into my dm to beg for money, favors and recognition, I see them all but accord them no acknowledgment.
Stay strong sister in a hateful world! ~FRZ”

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