Cynthia Morgan Isn’t Coming Clean, Former Manager, Joy Tongo Releases A Statement Regarding Contract With Artist

The saga sourrounding the recent interview of  regaee artist, Cynthia Morgan is still very much hot on the air as Cynthia Morgan’s former manager, Joy Tongo, has come out to tell her own side of the whole controversial event which has led to accusations and some heart breaking feelings, in Joy’s new statement which she released centred on how it all began and how they got to Jude Okoye. The official statement, revealed she and the rapper drafted the contract before sending it to music executive, Jude Okoye as alleged by Jude Okoye when he had granted some very with social media influencer, Tunde Ednnut.

In her statement, Tongo recalled and told how it all started as to when she became Cynthia’s manager and all the challenges she faced in securing a label for her and making sure she gets the best.

According to Joy Tongo, she revealed that when she introduced Cynthia Morgan to the Producer Jude Okoye, that at first, that he was hesitant in signing her at first but he eventually did after the successful recording of Kuchi Kuchi.

Tongo, addressing the matter also debunked the artist’s claims that she did not read the contract as she revealed that she drafted the contract while Morgan reviewed it before it was forwarded to Jude Okoye.The contract, however, didn’t state that Okoye would assume ownership of the rapper’s stage name, royalties, or social media handles.

However, Tongo  almost aligning to Jude’s words on his interview revealed that the singer in June’ 2016, became unmanageable  and had started planning to exit from the music executive’s label to start up her own.

Morgan left Northside Label before the end of her contract in 2017 but Okoye didn’t who didn’t even take some legal action on the artist for such betraying .

The rapper also performed at shows outside of her and the music executive’s knowledge.

See screenshots below:

Tongo’s statement

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