Cynthia Morgan Deceived Us, Popular OAP Dotun Apologizes To Jude Okoye For Misunderstanding Him

Popular On Air Personality, Dotun of Cool FM has come out publicly to apologize to Jude Okoye, for misunderstanding and just taking one side without giving him a fair hearing until the full blown truth about the ordeal of Jude and Cynthia became open, the embattled artist has however, apologized to her former Boss and former manager, according to Dotun, Cynthia Morgan had lied and he had believed all she had said initially.

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Cynthia Morgan Publicly Tenders Her Apologies To Jude Okoye And Joy Tongo Says It Was All A Mistake

Cynthia Morgan had earlier today made a statement which many had felt, that from her initially report and accusation of her former Boss, that she wasn’t been truthful. Though she also made it known that while she was younger at that time, she had made her own mistake, so also both Jude and everyone involved .

Dotun who felt sad about his opinion about the executive producer after the statement, had taken to his twitter handle to apologize to Jude over his  series of tweets after he was called out by Nigerians.

He wrote;

“I have been in the Nigerian entertainment industry since 2004 and if there is anything the past couple of days have taught me, it is the importance of taking all sides of the story into consideration before forming an opinion”

“On the Cynthia Morgan story, I have taken notes from both Parties concerned & I can only say that I have been hasty in publicly forming an opinion”

“As one that has experienced the growth of the industry, I am without doubt that we will continue to improve on the conduct of business and the regard for the rule of law”

“I have learnt that there is a way something seems and there is a way it actually is. To all the affected parties, I apologize. Empathy might not be applicable always. I learnt a new thing. Jude biko”

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