“Curse Is Unto Any Man Who Washes His Wife’s Panties”, Ghanaian Veteran Actress, Grace Omaboe Fires At Men

Going by so many lecture talks on what women or men ought to do and how best to behave with their spouse, Ghanaian actress, Grace Omaboe has come up with another ideology and concept as she chips in  that any man who washes his wife’s panties is cursed and it will be very difficult for such man to achieve success in life.

The actress made this statement  during an interview with Arnold Elavanyo Mensah on Vibes In 5; Stating further, the actress opined that if she ever sees her son washing the panties for his wife, she would hit him in the face as he’s not being manly after all.

“I will take the things from my son and slap him with it. I will ask him if he’s a fool to be washing his wife’s panties, I will ask him that Kwabena are you a fool?” She had said.

The actress backed her claim with words from the Bible which saying that the scriptures was clear on men being the head of the family, hence why they shouldn’t stoop so low to the extent and level of washing panties for their wives, while they sit and do nothing.  Omaboe said;

“No, No, it will be bad luck on the man if he washes his wife’s underpants as everything about the man and all he owns is most likely to go down. According to her,

“It will have spiritual implications and everything of the man will not go on well for him”.

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