Creativity In Horror And Gothic Architecture

Horrific and Gothic architecture has been in existence since  the mid-12th century to the 16th century and still counting even to the 21st century which has allowed technology work it’s magic and wonders. It is basically a fictional, sculptural creativity made real. Imagine watching some of those scary movies and how it’s looking unbelievably real. That is what the Horrific and Gothic architectures tries to create and present to people’s mind. Taking a lot of creativity to make those arts come real, the world perhaps is evolving with people with creative skills that depicts their artistic gravitation towards all things being fantastical. In every Horror and Gothic arts, there is always different styles interpreting different made up characters. The fascination coming from the character appeals a lot to some lovers of horror movie, despite the horrors and disturbing frightening images, it still doesn’t quench most people’s hunger of seeing more, always in expectation of another character different from the ones seen before. In other to keep getting people thrilled, contemporary artists focuses on dark fantasy themes, with technological application especially on the paintings as it calls for more real skill expertise and experience. Taking a look at “Game Of Thrones” for instance, it shows what creativity on the side of Horror and Gothic Architectures is, with the effort put in to create one of the major scary character in the movie which is the ‘Night Watch’. Though while this horror creators do their styling and art works to bring conviction, you also have to be aware that the  cameras (Cinematography)  aids in bringing real presence of the characters. But you can not help but agree that Art is beautiful. While growing up, many have always thought it was some westerns magic, but it’s a skill needing a lot of devotion.

Notwithstanding, the Nigeria movie industry is gradually coming around with their creativity of Gothic and Horror Arts, raising quite young Gothic Architectures who are building up their skills. There is room for improvement and advancement, seeing how beautiful art is.

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