Coronavirus Would Disappear In A Minute If Churches Re-Opens-Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Founder of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka while in his sermon has said has aired his view and maybe from the Lord’s perspective on how the Coronavirus will vanish speedily if certain steps is taking world wide.

According to the Man of God, he said, the dreaded Coronavirus will disappear in one minute world wide if the churches which is the only place of refuge for the people of God can be re-opened as the people of God will gather together and pray to God for the sanctification of the land, that the dreaded coronavirus will not last for one minute and it would be over.

Highlighting some of the reasons why the coronavirus is ravaging the world today, Pastor Muoka said the evil committed by humans is what has lead to the anger of God as it is the reason why God has kept quiet because, people have turned to practicing homosexual, lesbianism, killings and shedding of bloods of the innocents and corruption.. all are cause to the coronavirus.

For the virus to stop, the Clergyman advised people to return to God and stop seeking for solution elsewhere.

Muoka also criticized the closure of churches which he says are where the solution to the deadly virus lies.

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