Coronavirus Survival Hollywood Actor, Idris Elba, Makes His First Public Appearance As He Receives Massive Cheers

Popular Hollywood and screen actor, Idris Elba has been down with the deadly Coronavirus disease. The actor who when he had contracted the virus had not felt any symptom which is in the case of many but tested positive for the virus, just in the early days of the breakout of the deadly Coronavirus in Europe.  The actor who became the second international celebrity to publicly reveal he’s contracted the virus as at that time, had gone on twitter on the 16 March, 2020 to post a video as he also promised to update his fans as he continues to fight the virus.

However, Idris Elba has put smiles and cheers of love on the faces of his fans as he was seen walking on the streets of London for the first time since recovering from coronavirus.

The 47-year-old was spotted enjoying a walk near his home on Saturday, after he and wife Sabrina returned from self-isolating in New Mexico last month, where Elba was filming when he fell ill.The ‘Luther’ star looked relaxed as he strolled through his neighborhood as part of his daily exercise during the lockdown.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba

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