Coronavirus: People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Lashes Buhari For Negligence As A Result Of The Disease’s Entrance

While Nigeria is seen to be amongst the nations that have experience the entrance of the most recent world feared disease, while national alarms are rising from every corner for call on how to fight the deadly disease of Coronavirus which has made it’s entrance through an Italian man who was discovered to be the first carrier of the deadly disease.

The Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) has berated president Muhammadu Buhari following the case of the recent coronavirus which was confirmed in Lagos on Friday. Speaking via it’s Party’s official Twitter handle, PDP alleged that Buhari’s negligence and un-serious attitude to national urgency on the welfare of it’s people had caused the ‘avoidable entrance of the deadly coronavirus into the country.

PDP official handle, tweets;

Corona Virus: PDP Berates Buhari For Negligence…Seeks Concerted Effort, Adoption of Ebola Intervention Strategy

The @OfficialPDPNig has berated the @MBuhari Presidency for its negligence and laid-back attitude to governance and the welfare of Nigerians…

… leading to the avoidable entrance of the deadly corona virus into our dear country.

The party says it was evident that the @MBuhari Presidency, not being alive to its responsibilities, as usual, took no concrete steps to hedge our nation against the virus, leading to the current scary situation.

The @OfficialPDPNig notes that a responsive and proactive government would have mobilized effective surveillance and screening measures to ward off the menace, particularly at our entry points, but the incompetent, insensitive and…

… indifferent @MBuhari administration, was more interested in propaganda and unnecessary showboating with false performance claims.

The party also recalled that the @MBuhari administration had done nothing to assist Nigerian citizens stranded in China despite their pleas, just the same way it abandoned our compatriots who were being murdered in the heat of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

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