Controversial Prophet, Odumeje A.k.a “The Liquid Metal” Gives Reason He Sprays Money, Condemns Pastor’s Collecting Offering & Tithes

One of Nigeria’s most controversial and dramatic prophet, Odumeje Chukwuemeka a.k.a “the liquid metal”, who is currently also trending over so many issues, has revealed the reason behind his constant spraying of money whenever he attends any event or even in his church like he always does.

According to Prophet Odumeje, he reveals that there must be a difference between him and those who are not serving the Lord. Citing some example, he said;

“How would it feel if a native doctor comes to an event and keeps spraying money while am there, when people see how they sprays money, it would make them go to them and seek for solution. But when I am the one spraying, they come to me later for solution, in which i tell them about Christ”

However, he also emphasized that, he totally doesn’t like men of God who asks her members for offering and tithes as they collect from the members while enriching their pockets.

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