Controversial Pastor, Chris Okotie Reveals Bill Gate’s Hidden Agenda

One of Nigeria’s most controversial religious leader and president of Household Of God International Ministry, Reverend Chris Okotie has revealed that the world richest Man, Bill Gates is working on an agenda against the church and the economy of the world at large.

While delivering a sermon on Youtube, Okotie revealed that the billionaire’s agenda is part of what will usher in the antichrist..just as the Holy Bible spoke about the coming the Anti-christ.

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Nevertheless, he also linked the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic to the agenda by Bill Gates. He said,

People have asked me if we’re dealing with the number 666; if this is about the antichrist. Is this about you taking that number and the eternal damnation that is the consequence of that?

“No. We’re dealing with another number that is the precursor to the number 666. There’s a man who is the protagonist of this whole process that we’re seeing today. His name is Bill Gates of the antichrist.

“How is he going to do it? First, he’s going to get a man who has the pattern and that man is Bill Gates. And then, there will be a conspiracy to bring in a pandemic, sickness.”

He added that COVID-19 vaccine is designed to lead to a mass scale of death.

“So he brings disease, sickness. They’ll create panic in the world. At this point, you’ve been asked to remain in your house because he must challenge God’s authority through fear.

“What Gates will do under the auspices of the UN is to make sure we no longer form the house of God. What Bill Gates is doing through his name is to stop people from congregating.

“We’re dealing with one of the most sinister conspiracies in human history. What we call an online church is untrue. To be a church, you have to be called out. Cyber -Churches are totally unscriptural”, he said.

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