Controversial Actress Etinosa Tenders Her Apology To Nigerians The Second Time

Controversial Nollywood actress and producer, Etinosa Idemudia, who has been on many lips of Nigerians for her show of disrespect for the Holy Bible last week, as she desecrated the Holy bible by using it as an ashtray while she was on one of her live videos which caused people to spat words of disdain on her, She further said on the video that she will do worse to the Quaran if she is paid millions of naira to do so.

Etinosa who for some reasons best know to her showcased a similar live  video of her going naked few months ago while on live video chat with Mc Galaxy. The video got her a lot of  from people as the back lashing was also extended backlash to Mc Galaxy. On an interview and on one of her apology video for the act, she had said her improper behavior was due to the influence of Alcohol as she went ahead to apologize to Nigerians and all her fans as well as her family.  After that event many people turned back and began to love her the more for her acceptance of her mistake,  as humans are not limited to mistakes.

After the chaos that lite up from her viral disrespect video of the Holy Bible,  Etinosa has had a rethink as she took to her Instagram to apologize  once again for  her using the Bible as an ashtray and also for her  quoting of the portion of the Bible She quoted that had to do with training of the children which she had said was a scam.

On coming back to her senses like the prodigal son, Etinosa has gone ahead to do a video via her IG, as she tendered a public apology to those who the video might have offended. The actress said she would never berate any man’s beliefs.

Notwithstanding, some people are still venting their anger on her saying that no amount of influence would have made her disrespect the Holy Bible in such a way that She has done.

Check out the video below

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