Civil Defence Officer Caught Via CCTV Stealing From A Handbag (Watch The Drama)

Just recently a video involving the dramatic act of a Civil defense officer started making rounds as the CCTV footage was leaked to the public.

The viral video which has caught a lot people laughing and some shaking their heads in total dismay on the act that supposedly not to be seen among the respected uniform men. But quite undeniable of the clarity of the video,  is the video that recently emerged showing a Civil Defense officer who had sneaked in, in an office, apparently unaware that there is CCTV camera secretly fixed in the reception area of the office, made his way to the handbag placed on the desk which according to those who where monitoring says it was the Madam’s handbag.

The Officer who in his dramatic act had taken the whole of the money inside the bag, came back and splited the money he had collected from the bag, so no one would notice money has been taken from the bag while unaware that he has been caught on the act while some staffs of the firm were watching him from the CCTV monitoring room as at the time he was stealing .

Watch video below;


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