Ceec Cries Out, Stop Comparing Me With Tacha

Ever since the last BBNaija TV reality show 2019 Pepper Dem began, there has been striking similarities  in terms of characteristics between Tacha and Ceec of the 2018 BBNaija reality TV show.  Being that both young women have been described as tough, stubborn and arrogant, many have likened the both as having same attributes. 

Ceec who was on a recent show interview, when asked about her thoughts and if she had tried to communicate with BBNaija Tacha after going out from the house,  she had said that she didn’t watch the recent 2019 reality show as she was busy with her works, although she had noted that most of the times she had seen some BBNaija clips when it was still airing was through the social media or when friends callls her attention to what is going on.

Narrating further in a portion of her interview, On the comparison with Tacha, she made it known that no two human beings can be the same. She explained how beautiful and unique everyone is with their behaviors and characters.

On the process of running  the interview.. When asked by the presenter hosting the show if she made any attempts to reach out to Tacha after she left the house upon being disqualified , the Double Wahala star noted that she had no reason to do so. She said she liked minding her business and would not show up at a place where she has not been summoned.

During the 2019 Big brother naija pepper dem reality show,  Tacha has been likened to Ceec as many viewers of and followers of the then show referred to her as the boss lady,  though Ceec has declined the comparison saying they are all unique in their different ways.

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