Cardi B Fails To Appear For A Meet And Greet Due To Purging – Says The Ghanian Khebab Food Could Have Caused It

The celebrated American Rapper and songwriter Cardi B who is till on her African Tour,  now in Ghana has taken to social media to share a video from the toilet to her Ghanaian fans that she had suffered a stomach upset.

Cardi B alias Chiom B, when in Nigeria had wanted to taste every thing and see all that makes the Giant of Africa what it is.  One her highlights has been her request for Nigerian Jollof rice which has always been the demand of many western celebrities when they visit Nigeria, having eaten and dranked in Nigeria, while the people of Ghana we’re earnestly waiting for the arrival of the queenh as they had also intended to show their rich culture and food, little did they know that how stomach might not accept it.

This video of her stomach upset had come shortly after she failed to show up for a meet-and-greet and was called out by Ghanaian celebrities.

The 27-year-old rapper who went on to apologise, stating she was not aware of the meet-and-greet before now.

Meanwhile, due to the American rapper’s absence, Cardi B, received hit and back lashing from her Ghanaian celebrity fans due to her failure in appearing for the supposedly  meet and greet with Ghanaian celebrities. Following this, the 27-year-old rapper, took to her Instagram live video to reveal the reason she couldn’t make it to the event. Cardi B revealed she had a stomach upset from something she ate and had been purging since. She even went as far as revealing she was sitting on the toilet seat taking a dump while doing the Insta live. Cardi who was captured on video eating a kebab, stated that she didn’t know what caused the purging.


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