Cardi B Confirms “Fake Beef” Issue Between Nigeria And Ghana

Just weighing in on the social media beef  going on between Nigeria and Ghana, American rapper, Cardi B, who has just concluded her African music tour concert in both countries and following the recent reactions of her recent visit to the two countries which  generated a lot of social media attacks. It is no news that the people of Ghana and Nigerian are social media frenemies who love to fight over everything from politics to entertainment and most especially food. This issues haven’t gone unnoticed by the 27-year-old rapper, she seems to be getting a hang of it. During her live Instagram story, Cardi B stated that she didn’t know the beef was fake and went on to compare it to that of her home country, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. . She  said;

“I didn’t know that the beef been Ghana and Nigeria is fake. They are just like Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico – they love each other but they fake beef with each other,” she told her Instagram fans. She added that she wished she had more time to spend in Ghana and Nigeria because she enjoyed her stay. “But I like both countries. I wish I had more time to spend in both countries. I had fun everything.

Cardi whose stay in  and visit to Nigeria caused quite a lot of buzz both online and offline with her colorful and beautiful opinions about Nigeria and have  seems to have found a home in the country. The mother of one who clearly had a good and perhaps, wild experience in Nigeria, though referring to her her experience in Ghana in one of her post last two days, she had said in her own words; I was in Ghana for less then 24 hours .Went thru a lil dilemma but I still had fun Cardi though had also tried sounding diplomatic in the live video as she wouldn’t want to try inciting more buzz between both countries by saying that;

 she liked both two countries and had wished she had more time to spend during her short visit

Recall that news of how some Ghanaian celebrities took to social media to express their anger and disappointment after Cardi B failed to show up for her meet-and-greet shortly after landing in the country as that action had caused a lot of buzz on the social media with some of the Ghanaian Celebrities allegedly accusing Cardi B of looking down on them and taking them as Cheap celebrity, however, Cardi B who has apologized has looked at the different events that happened at the two countries as not just spicy but normal things that happens between countries.


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Cardi B says the war between Ghana and Nigeria is fake.

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