Bishop David Oyedepo Challanges House Of Representatives Over Vaccine Bill

The Bishop and founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop of David Oyedepo is opposing the on-going bill presently going through readings before the House of Representatives which has been a source of controversies over its proposition on COVID-19 vaccine.

Bishop Oyedepo speaking via a live broadcast stated that the pushing of the circulation and use of the vaccine is not acceptable as the people behind it are working and propagating evil works which will sweep himanity.

He also questioned why rights of people who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine will be stripped.

He said,

“You must take a vaccine! Why will you force me to take a vaccine? For what?

“You don’t take vaccines, you don’t go outside the country! How? Where is it coming from?

“Evil scheming of evil men, gang up of agents of the devil, trying to bring a flood of evil upon humanity. And now from the vaccine: autism; from the vaccine: higher mortality rate of deaths.”

On his recent cry against the closure of churches, Oyedepo stated that he did it for the kingdom of God.

“It’s over!! Whatever troubles God’s agenda will be troubled. The most valuable asset to God is the human life.

“If you see me screaming and crying: it’s for the Kingdom, absolutely so. You mean you keep God’s people, block their access to spiritual food for 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 7 weeks and you are going to the market, buying and eating with 10 fingers. You kept students from school.

“This is an imported virus, how has it become our own? Why must we now have it?

“There is something going on here! Something evil is being schemed by some individuals and those who are perpetrating it don’t even know,” he further stated.

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