Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson Defends Daughter From Critics Slamming Beyonce’s On New Movie Project

Following the recent Beyonce’s Album “Black Is King” Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson has decided to address some issue regarding some critics that have been heavily coming against her daughter over the newly released trailer.

Speaking out in support of daughter Beyonce over claims that Beyonce is misrepresenting the African culture to the world, Tina Knowles-Lawson elaborates that her daughter without even the support of many people especially women have always been representing the blackness of the African Heritage, just like in all her projects so far..according to her there are some of her projects that were not massively supported, which she also didn’t make much as she lost plenty, but didn’t stop her from representing the African culture as slavery of Africans which still prevails its head needs to end.

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Meanwhile, the latest trailer launch for Queen Bey’s ‘Black Is King’ visual album which is one of the most talked about movie has ignited so much excitement amongst the majority ahead of its July 31st arrival on Disney Plus. However, some people had taken to the social media critic the project before it’s even been released.

Her post is coming also after many people have shared that Beyonce is using the African culture for profit. Sharing a post on Twitter that suggests otherwise, Tina defended her daughter.

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@_alphaa_ (Twitter handle) you could not have said it better. It’s really sad that the women who shout the loudest “protect the black woman” that they are the ones that are trying to tear her down. Sisters wake up!!!! Beyonce was taught from a little girl to lift other women up not to tear them down. She minds her own business , does not criticize anyone, Gives of her time and money , and dedicates her art to Boldly show the Royalty and beauty of our heritage and journey ! Her work is to change the narrative! To show that we did not start off as slaves , but that we were kings and queens before we were forced into slavery . Don’t you want to see something that shows that ! Aren’t you sick and tired Of seeing us as slaves ! She employs African and African-American people , fights for many “first” in the fashion and film world . Take an inventory of yourself and your hate . Where is it coming from ? I ask you to examine your heart and really take a look at what your motive is and what it’s fueled by! Then take that energy critiquing, and tearing down and put it to into an action that is fighting against the systemic racism that is going on right now and has been going on forever . The time that you take to tear her down you could be using that time to do that!! Critique and tear down the systems that hurt and suppress us. Use your social media platform to work on getting people out to vote to change the laws critique the frigging laws!! Stop being a social media terrorist to the wrong people ! Redirect that passion for change in that !!! Use your energy and great intelligence to fight people who choose to be oppressors. Beyonce is not your enemy!! But you would swear that she was! I love what this post said which is the honest to God truth. She sold more records before lemonade. I have one question for you too that I’m confused about “how do you appropriate the black culture when you are black?? “She has a right to her heritage as well as anyone else in the world. Just consider young sisters i love you????❤️❤️ and brothers thankyou for your balance and speaking up. ??❤️

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