BBNaija Duo Bisola And Tobi Bakare In Social Media Fight

Big Brother Naija season 2 star, Bisola Aiyeola runner up of  the 2017 see Gobbe reality show and Big brother Naija season 3 star runner up Tobi Bakare are both in a word war that is gradually turning sour. The two Tv reality runner ups are using the social media platform to engage in a warfare that only both can tell how they have come to such extent. Bisola who had used the twitter to share a story of certain actor who had bad breath, though no name mentioned, had triggered Tobi Bakare’s reaction as he went back to share his own side of the story or maybe a shade on Biosla as he had accused her of having a  bad breath. The bad breath issue which according to Bisola was directed to anyone, but you sure know that there is no smoke without fire though. Bisola had wrote;

She wrote: “Don’t mean this in a bad way, but bad breath should be listed as a safety hazard. Not too long ago I got to hang out with a nice,hot chiseled actor. But mhen his breath was almost taking out my lashes. If you were on a date with someone that had bad breath would you tell them?” 

The hot shading which started on 13 December, 2019 while Biola has tweeted this on tweeter, Tobi on seeing this went on ahead to tweet about a certain lady with a similar mouth odour and bad breath who loves yelling at people. While many people who came across this same the similarity and connection of the two tweets followed it up as it is been discovered that the two are truly shading each other about having bad breath.

Tobi on his twitter account wrote: “What will Adele not see on the other side. Madame is forming woke, subbing on Twitter. Not one,not two other actors have complained about your unnecessary yelling on set. Imagine person mouth wey dey gbazungengen shouting in your face. The suffer we actors suffer sha. Think we deserve some sort of law, banning people with bad breath from shouting. That’s a double hazard. Very risky. People in glass houses throwing bricks. Not even stones ‍♂️. This life” 

Here are Tobi’s tweets;

While both might have been checking on each other’s tweet and preparing the next bombshell to throw out, Bisola has however replied back Tobi’s tweet by saying that someone needs to tell the guy that he should go treat himself or better still get a surgery.

She shared on her twitter;

meanwhile, some fans of Tobi Bakare have been replying on his tweet based on the bad breath issue to mention who has got him tweeting about this as they sense that something might have led or angered him.

Some of his fans has replied by writing;

nevertheless, the ancient philosopher Socrates had once said in one of his quotes that “Man know thyself” 

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