Award Winning International British Actor, Idris Elba Tests Positive For The Deadly Coronavirus (Covid-19)

British actor and many women’s crush, Idris Elba has made a very shocking revelation to his fans this morning when he had made a live video via his twitter handle, according to him on the video, he had said he has tested positive for the deadly COVID-19 and has isolated himself.

But the actor insisted he has no symptoms, just as it was also confirmed by his doctor. The popular international British actor had seem very calm while speaking in the video as he said there was no need for panic as he has isolated himself.

Elba, 47, said he feels “ok” after confirming he has the deadly bug which has killed 55 people in Britain. The international actor, although is yet to start noticing some sympton of the deadly global virus has told his fans today that he will keep them updated of his health status but feels okay and calm.

See his posted video below;

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