Award Winning Filmmaker Tyler Perry Condemns 2020 Oscar Nomination

Going by the count down to Oscar 2020 and general review, US actor, movie producer, and director, Tyler Perry has condemned the recently released 2020 list of Oscar nominations.

According to him, the list lacked diversity and did not represent a true nomination selection.

However, recall the nominations for 92nd Academy Awards, also known as the Oscar, which announced on Monday with the award ceremony set to hold on the 9th of February, 2020.

However, in the reaction to the released list, Perry has lamented that colored people were deliberately excluded from the list.

Speaking with The Associated Press on Monday after the nominations were announced, he said that the system needs to change it’s ideology of erasing people of color that has truly contributed their own quota in the film and entertainment industry. He said;

“There is no need in going back and forth, or fighting, or protesting. It is what it is. This is how it is in Hollywood, and it’s how it will always be,” Perry said.

“I feel like Jennifer Lopez should have been nominated. She did a great job. I feel like Awkwafina did a great job.”

“Beyoncé should have been nominated. But it is what it is,” he has said.

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