ASESSCare Medical Intervention by 24TELEMED is Life Changing for Anamberians

ASESSCare Medical Intervention by 24TELEMED is indeed a Life Changing health care project for Anamberians. Driven by scarcity of doctors, and passion to save live across southeast Nigeria, is a powerful force behind this huge medical innovation.

The dire health crisis in southeast Nigeria has long been attributed to scarcity of doctors, and also the incessant brain drains of available clinicians affecting Nigeria in general, fueling the inadequate access to quality healthcare for those in rural and hard-to-reach communities, including our families and friends.

ASESSCare Medical Intervention by 24TELEMED

ASESSCare Medical Intervention Project

Is ASESSCare Medical Intervention by 24TELEMED for All?

Interestingly, ASESSCare Medical Intervention by 24TELEMED is not for Anamberians alone, but for the all indigenous peoples across southeastern part of Nigeria to ensure health and prosperity for all.  Like in 2020 when Nigeria and the world face coronavirus pandemic,  so currently, the southeast is still face another terrible pandemic in form of lack of medical intervention, which is the primary objective of  ASESSCare Medical Intervention by 24TELEMED , with aim to make health care service accessible to all indigenous people across southeast.

However, with decades of healthcare experience and passion for humanity, we are on a mission to create a healthier and safer community, by facilitating citizens’ so they can access quality healthcare services from their homes, and also enabling them to save- TIME, MONEY, LIVES and SAFE from the security risks facing the region.

Majority if not all the indigenous people located in the rural areas walk miles on end, or travel distances from 1 to 2 hours to get the healthcare service they need (if they are able to afford transportation fees) most being women and children.

Who will benefit from  ASESSCare Medical Intervention by 24TELEMED ?

  • The poor with no visible means of sustained livelihood, the single unemployed, the homeless vulnerable families, and the social deviants who subsist precariously on the edge of the society. These people have no access to affordable healthcare and when they do, travel for hours to get the medical care they deserve. Their livelihood who depends on humanitarian allies for their income.
  • The special needs population like the drug and alcohol abusers and prisoners. This population will benefit from Telemedicine services to help them attain basic/sufficient standard of well-being.
  • Schools in rural areas: elementary, secondary and universities where unforeseen events can occur.


Goal is a drive force of every project, same goes for ASESSCare Medical Intervention by 24TELEMED , here are their goal;

  • To implement, manage and sustain Telehealth services in rural southeast Nigeria for quick, easy, and affordable medical care to all indigenous people.
  • To healthcare accessible, affordable, and convenient for the most vulnerable, so that the under-served communities in southeast Nigeria.
  • Provide 24/7 telephonic or virtual medical care to the rural communities. Patients can get urgent or chronic medical conditions addressed by a doctor over the phone or virtually wherever they are without worrying about security issues and transportation costs.
  • To bridge the healthcare gap in hard-to-reach areas.
ASESSCare Medical Intervention by 24TELEMED

ASESSCare Medical Intervention Team

Our rural communities deserve to have doctors brought to their doorsteps. With your generous contribution we can both give back to our communities and sustain the program because this way life is touched.

Donations and Support


  • Paying for medical service call cards to be donated to churches, schools, and shopping centers in rural areas. Each medical service call card costs 100-NAIRA equivalent of 25 cents in USD.
  • Payment of trained nurses and doctors who work 24/7 at the call center.
  • Payment for training and mentorship of the project team.
  • Scaling and maintenance of ICT infrastructure (servers, computers etc.) for the project.

Options for donation are below:



Account No: 0047383639

Account Name: 24Telemed Limited Nig

U.S.A. go to “Nigerian Telehealth Program,” click on “Learn More” then donate.

Thank you for your generosity and support.


Mariette Obianozie-Amadi, MD

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