An Interview With Queendalyne – All You Didn’t Know About This Amazing Artist

All our favorite musicians have an interesting life that they lead. Today we would be thrilled to discover just what the life and thoughts of a music artist is like

On this interview is Nnechi Queendaline Ugonnia, popularly called Queendalyne, a Nigerian female music artist, who hails from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Growing up in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria, Queendalyne had a pleasant childhood as she recalled. Describing herself as a “cool kid” Queendalyne said that she did quite well in school, and didn’t run into much trouble back then.

She revealed that her flair for music has been a gift from childhood. She explained how she has always loved making music since she was a little girl, using it as an outlet for her feelings. Feelings, she pointed out, played, and still play a huge role in her music to date.

She explained that she prefers unleashing her creativity at night – in the peace, quietness, and coolness of the night. Writing from her heart, she explains how her emotions bleed into each lyric of her song. She recalls reminiscing on past events or future hopes as part of her creative process – something that helps her connect with the mood and tone of the music.

Being an artist, and realizing the monumental nature of her duty to create, Queendalyne revealed that she draws inspiration from life experiences, books, and movies. She mentioned reading “Americana” by Chimamanda and enjoying it. Her creativity, as she further revealed, also overflows from the positive environment she surrounds herself with – family, friends, and fans.

With her performances being notably “striking” and “energetic”, it is not just the lyrics or her songs, but her demeanor that leaves everyone stunned – her boldness, enthusiasm, and “swag”. She admitted having had challenges in the past, but also noted starring them in the face and trampling them underfoot like dirt. Every musician needs that touch of disdain for fear, she pointed out.

Stereotyping, for Queendalyne, has been a huge nuisance she had had to deal with. Being female and stepping into the music industry was quite daunting at first, but she explains that she draws the strength to push onwards from the support of her friends and family.

She also found strength when she was signed into Tuffgig Music Empire – an outstanding record label that has been pioneering the promotion of Afrobeat in the United States of America for years now.

Queendalyne also gave a word of encouragement to every Artist and young persons out there: “The future is bright for everyone”. “know what you want, pray for it and focus”. It is heartwarming and worth remembering that there is a bright future for those who dare to believe, and also pray and work for it.

Queendalyne (Aka, Lady Boss), expressed her desire to take over the world of music in the near future. It is by no means an easy task she admitted, but she wasn’t bluffing about it.

As we can see, her mic is hot and she is ready to vibe on the beats with her signature “Queendalyne’ flavor”.

She expressed her sincere appreciation for all her fans out there and thanked them deeply for their love and appreciation. Besides, we’re all brothers and sisters. She reminded her fans that she is always happy hearing from them.

The Queen is in her dignified studio cooking something special for us all.

So, till then, rock on.

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