America’s Reality TV star, Ashley Ross Dies In Fatal Hit And Run Car Accident

America’s Reality TV star, Ashley Ross, known as Ms. Minnie on Lifetime’s “Little Women: Atlanta,” has died. Miss Minnie according to report had died from a fatal hit and run car accident.

Ms. Minnie, going by reports had passed away while driving as she had as always driven in Atlanta on Sunday around 11 p.m night when she was involved in a car accident as She finally passed away on Monday evening. The  34 years old as recounted by some was;
“s a sweet and kind person with a big heart. She was an advocate for St. Jude and young women,” Dixson said.
“She will be remembered for her contagious smile.”
Meanwhile Ms Minnie Little Woman Atlanta had wriiten on the social media over the lost of the colleague and lead character of the seasonal TV show, it reads;
“It is with profound sadness that we confirm on behalf of the family of Ashley Ross aka ‘Ms Minnie’ of Little Women Atlanta has succumbed to injuries from a tragic hit and run car accident today at the age of 34,” her publicist wrote.
Minnie was one of the founding cast members of “Little Women: Atlanta,” a Lifetime reality show based in Georgia that chronicles the lives of women with dwarfism. Our sympathies are with her loved ones. Rest well…

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