Actress Toyin Abraham Fights Dirty On Twitter

Popular actress cum producer, Toyin Abraham and a fan have gotten entangled in war words on social media platform, as both she and the twitter user had taken turns to drag themselves on the microblogging platform.

Howeve, it all started after news of Nigerians stocked in Lebanon made the rounds online. And Toyin Abraham did stepped forward as at that period as she pleaded with the federal government on Twitter to help the Nigerians trapped in Lebanon return back to the country.

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Coming after they were evacuated back to the country, a follower called out Toyin for being silent over the issue, tagged her rude and nasty.

She wrote;

“Toyin Abraham has not said anything since the federal government facilitated their return? I know how rude and nasty she was when the other day as if the people were sold to Lebanon by the federal government”.

Toyin had relied as , she wrote:

“I want us to have a conversation please, tell me what have I done wrong that you called me nasty and rude”.

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