Actor Zubby Michael Denies Controversial Prophet, Odumeje

While there has been so many stories flying about the connection of Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael and his purpoted relationship with the popular  controversial dramatic man of God, Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje. Questions from fans and some of it’s fellow celebrity has always been about the come about of Zubby’s wealth, who they felt had gone to sick power from the man of God whom is most times seen with him and even at his church.

Nevertheless, Zubby, who was overwhelmed with anger have felt the need to address the matter, just like he said his clarification on the matter was for his fans as he wanted to detail a little bit of how he got to know the pastor and also clear some talks about his relationship with the popular Odumeje.

Angry Zubby michael took to his Instagram to address the issue and also call out some people who would write thing about them not knowing the full story, however, he also went on by calling out popular Instagram blogger Ednut, saying he shouldn’t say what he doesn’t know

In his words;

“The lion, Odumeje. Where is he leading you all? You guys can enjoy all the drama but I hate it when you say, ‘that’s where Zubby got powers from, he made Zubby successful’,” Zubby explained.

“Are you sick? The thunder that will fire those making such claims will come from Adamawa! I’m not denying he’s my friend way back from Onitsha. But does that mean I go there to pray?

“Odumeje is my guy, not my pastor. Don’t be stupid. I don’t go to church. I’m more of a spiritual person than a religious. So I hate it when you tag me in your unnecessary drama.

“Especially Tunde Ednut. Are you stupid? Why are you promoting unnecessary drama? Don’t you see what others promote? You’re a fool. I’m saying this because of my fans.

“Odumeje is my guy; during my house warming, he came and sprayed one point something million. He invited me during his birthday, I went there sprayed  N500k.“


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