#EndSARS: 2Baba’s Suggestion Gets Mixed Reaction And Clapped Down On Social Media

Nigerians on twitter have reacted to a tweet from Nigerian multiple award winning artist, 2face Idibia, advising people to stop going to work and join #EndSars protesters instead.

“I wonder why everybody is still going to work. We need total shutdown until this politicians start to answer!! Unless them wan use sars come pursue us go work ..#EndSARS… #EndPoliceBrutality #endimpunity #endlooting ..Make only market for essential things dey.” he tweeted.

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See how Nigerians reacted to 2baba’s tweet.

@tweetladydiary wrote “Is one who’s alive that can go out. This is important the movement have started already. No one can stop now. Until they make things right. They are doing all they can to dis stabilize the purpose. #EndSWAT same officers different uniform.”

@Slimzie7 wrote “People have to eat. You can afford to stay at home and alert through sponsorship deals. Alot of folks have to go out everyday to get money to feed their kids and pay their bills.”

@CallMeAwele wrote “Wrong opinion tho…I am not under FG payroll,neither are my kids under scholarship. And private company’s no get Joy for thre employees ooo.”

@iambellacruise wrote “You have a point. Yes, it doesn’t apply to you. However, the opinion isn’t wrong. It’s a pretty valid point. If all civil servants stayed at home, the government would feel the effect strongly. As it’ll begin to affect the economy that gives them the money they waste.”


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