1092 Private Schools On The Risk Of Possible Shutdown In Anambra State – Prof Kate Omenugha

Base on the issue of the Coronavirus pandemic and the works on ground by the Anambra State government under the ministry of Education in the state, a recent radio interview with @Precious and Ndubuisi of Ebeonadi 103.5 FM formally Gist FM, was had the Honorable Commissioner For Basic Education Anambra State, Professor Kate Omenugha talk about the Educational planned activities of the government of Anmabra State in carrying all students at all levels, especially those in the Primary and Secondary schools under the Coronavirus Pandemic issue. Prof. Kate Omenugha came through with some revelations pertaining the plans, progress and activities that has been set aside to carry along all the students in the State.


In the quest to carry Students of Anambra State along and not allow them be affected by the global pandemic ravaging nations of the world, which has made students stay away from school, what are the outlined activities by the ministry and also the progress so far?

The ministry under my commission saw the gross future effect of the pandemic  and immediately set to work and we had to immediately re- strategize, and in March 24th 2020 as the state went into lockdown and closure of the schools, the ministry in April, started its first teaching on air, as we swung into action with the radio teaching and perhaps, my background in media communication studies was helpful because I know the radio has farthest reach as it may not have all the cumbrances of light and also with radio, people have better access to information which is as well cheaper and affordable. And this was the reason we quickly engaged 88.5 ABS FM with its TV channel, and as this was running, we taook it online, as we had the Facebook Live teachings everyday as there was a split, with the Junior Secondary starting their online class from 7-8 am, 9:30-10:30 for Primary schools while the Senior secondary 1-2pm. And just for a matter of Emphasis, in 2015, we started pushing and telling our teachers to be ICT compliance with a policy we tagged “one teacher, one laptop as if we foresaw a day like this will come.

However, there is quite impressive turnout by students and other students from other parts of the world.

What is the participation level of students in the online classes, do they get a chance to ask questions and with the ones following on air?

It has been good and students are actively getting involve as the WhatsApp number of the teachers are rolled out and asking questions in places they are confused, the students having their teachers WhatsApp numbers, send their questions via this means, while the teachers take out their time to solving the confusion of this young students.

What are the collaboration between the private and the public schools to seeing that they all move at same pace and carried along?

We have been supportive especially in this present administration and the past administration, the ministry of Basic Education, have interest for both the private and the public schools but however, we won’t take it lightly with most of those backyard private schools that try to fide away from the government as they run the risk of possible shutdown. So if there are some rumors spreading that there is no collaboration between the private and public school, then i will tell you that it’s all lies. The program that is runned o air is for all students and not regulated to only public students but all students regardless if its private or public. It is to say, let me put in, the private schools cannot declare their move to third term if directives didn’t come from the ministry.

What do you say about some parents who are of the opinion that the government of Anambra state has sidelined them especially in terms of accessiblity of the online teaching and most times, the on air teachings?

Most of our parents saying this are not truthul to themselves as the world we are today, has become digitalized, not neglecting the fact that there maybe contstraints of power supply, but good percentage of this parents have access to you phones and radio, so they cannot say they have been sidelined, it’s all about devotion and good parenting and doing the nnedful for your children to be engaged with those educational activities made available to them in their within their reach especially the radio. 

How does your ministry plan to help minimize the cogested state in most of this schools both the private and public schools especially at this time of the pandemic?

Well it is not today we started dishing it out as a note of warning to schools especially most of this private schools that are not fit to run as they need to have the needed facilities to run if they must run private. And as a matter fact, a total number of 1092 private schools will run the risk of being shut down because of their inadequacies as they sub-standards, and also some public schools will also be checkmated to make sure that our children studies in a conducive and healthy environment. 


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